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Spot Light
8 Ball Playoffs Friday, September 5
At Edgies
Ex-cues Me vs. Excuse to Drink (Wild Card)
Cool in Pool vs. T&A (Wild Card)
Motley Cues vs. Lets Play Some 8 Ball (Wild Card)

At Lucky Shots
Up Late vs. Slop Counts
Pool Boys vs. Totally Cueless
MVP Tournaments at Lucky Shot Billiards
8 Ball - Saturday, September 6 - Registration for skill levels 2-4 closes at noon. Registration for skill levels 5-7 closes at 2:30 PM

8 Ball MVP Invite List

9 Ball - Sunday, September 7 - Registration for all skill levels closes at 12:30 PM

9 Ball MVP Invite List

News you can use...

Summer Tri Annual Teams for both 8 Ball and 9 Ball

Understanding Defensive Shots

8 Ball Score Keeping - 3 Point Scoring Example Score Sheet

9 Ball Score Keeping

Evelyn Hazlett and Eric Harada are the US Amateur Warm Up League Champions.

Click here to get the details of the Five Star Sportsmanship program.

Play pool and have fun!!!!!

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